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Darrell L. Havener Jr., D.D.S., P.C.
Highlands Ranch Orthodontics
1420 W. Canal Court, Suite 200
Littleton, Colorado 80120


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For New Patients


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Initial Evaluation
During the initial evaluation or first visit Dr. Havener meets the new patient, reviews the patient’s concerns and problems, the patient’s history and he learns about the patient’s desires and goals. He examines the condition of the teeth, the smile, facial proportions, the patient’s airway and the bite. The doctor will discuss his understanding of the diagnosis (current conditions) as well as possible solutions or corrections. Many young patients are not candidates for orthodontic care at the time of their new patient examination. In such cases, the patient may be scheduled for future recall examinations (at no fee) to observe growth and dental development while the patient awaits readiness for orthodontic intervention.


Comprehensive Diagnostic Studies
Prior to treatment, diagnostic records are requested, based on the individual patient’s condition and needs. Records usually include clinical photographs, digital x-rays, and study models of the patient’s bite. Modern x-rays often include 3-D CT scan radiographic imaging for extremely accurate studies of the structures of the face, airway and bite. Complex conditions may require more extensive diagnostic studies. It is common for us to consult with the dentist and other specialists. Orthodontic plaster models are used to assess the occlusion or bite function. Dr. Havener utilizes a device called an articulator (a bite simulator, used by restorative dentists, that permits the study of chewing contacts and bite function). Precise and detailed diagnostic information provides the basis for a problem list or diagnosis, permitting the design of customized, efficient treatment plans.

Consultation and Case Presentation
Following the initial evaluation and the study of diagnostic records, Dr. Havener presents his detailed and summarized review of the patient’s problem list and personalized treatment options. Dr. Havener considers several key issues: Would the patient benefit from treatment? If so, would orthodontic, dental, airway or TMJ care need to begin soon or would there be any harm in deferring treatment? What types of treatment should be recommended for the patient? What are the potential consequences if no treatments are undertaken? If treatments are indicated, he and the staff will guide you through the necessary steps towards improving the health of the face, airway and bite. Dr. Havener and his experienced staff can help you to understand insurance and our financing options as you pursue a fantastic smile!


Dr. Havener has listed as a Top Dentist by 5280 Magazine every year they have conducted their survey

5280 Magazine teamed up with TopDentists, a company that creates nationwide dentist listings, to locate Colorado’s best dentists. Dr. Havener has been recognized by his peers in these 5280 Magazine "TopDentists" issues:



Top Dentists 2004  2004


Top Dentists 2008  2008


Top Dentists 2009  Top Dentists 2009


Top Dentists 2010  2010


Top Dentists 2011  2011



Top Dentists 2012  2012


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